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FirstSpear Maritime platforms are designed for the combat swimmer and combat diver


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AAC Frog Kit
AAC Frog Kit
Evolving the transition from Land to Maritime Operations even further FirstSpear introduces the Assaulter Armor Carrier Frog Kit. Utilizing the AAC Instant Adjust Back Panel and Adaptive Cummerbund this system configures quickly for the full spectrum of operational environments. 6/12 Modular Attachment Material and Tubes are standard features on the AAC Frog Kit.

AMU Approved Maritime Plate Carrier: # 1.1.17 The Aegir-38 designed FirstSpear, is a plate carrier with inflatable tactical aid to floatation devices specifically designed for covert war fighters, combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel.

Designed and Developed for the world’s finest amphibious light infantry
forces, the Bullfrog is an integrated maritime system that employs buoyancy
augmentation, ballistic survival and tactical modularity all in one platform.