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FirstSpear and NFM Group Partner to Expand Offering and Capabilities

The business cooperation will serve to facilitate the continued rapid growth of both companies, their expansion into new markets and provide customers rapid access to state of the art defensive technologies

St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and Glynitveien, Norway – Today, FirstSpear, a warfighter tactical equipment designer and manufacturer, and the NFM Group, an interntional group of companies developing and marketing unique tactical textile and body armor solutions, have announced the launch of a co-development and distribution partnership. 

The move will allow both companies to further enhance their technological solutions by combining state of the art, high performance defensive field gear with tactical capability enhancement technologies, allowing U.S. and European customers with rapid access to the unique variety of leading technologies offered by both companies.

FirstSpear designs are produced based on valuble end-user input, applied into the R&D process by developers, focusing on specific mission needs, and thus delivering pioneering, capability enhancement oriented products. 

The NFM Group, considered one of the most innovative and specific mission-need oriented textile developers worldwide, focuses on developing tactical textiles and load bearing equipment that increases the flexibility and survivability of the modern combat soldier.

The partnership between FirstSpear and the NFM Group will serve to facilitate mutually enhanced product offerings, more efficient and effective marketing channels for both companies

With a shared goal of addressing the need for lighter, more adaptable modular gear, FirstSpear will utilize NFM’s advanced tactical textile designs and technologies to enhance their load carriage systems and apparel solutions.  NFM customers will benefit from direct access to FirstSpear’s latest technologies, including Tubes, 6/9, and 6/12, to name a few.  Both companies will continue to drive innovation by working closely and constantly with military end-users in order to meet their unique mission needs.

“FirstSpear is committed to developing and deploying products that cater to the unique needs of the best of the best – the tip of the spear,” said Scott Carver, Founder and President of FirstSpear.  “NFM is among the most talented and innovative devlopment teams with whom we have had the pleasure of working. We are excited to join forces with them to better serve the warfighter, giving our customers more immediate access to top tier technologies.”

The match between FirstSpear and NFM Group is intuitive and natural" according to Walther Overland, Managing Director and CEO of The NFM Group, who elaborated: “Both companies base their research and development process and portfolio on valuble end user insight and first hand knowledge of field use requirements. Each company's solutions and technologies complement the other's well and we are delighted at the opportunity do deepen and widen our cooperation with FirstSpear on the global arena.”