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Realistic Bite Sleeve, RBS

Realistic Bite Sleeve, RBS

Developed through military working dog and law enforcement K-9 subject matter experts K2 Solutions and FirstSpear have developed a revolutionary canine aggression training tool.

The Realistic Bite Sleeve seeks to bridge capability gaps that currently exist in status quo bite training. Most bite sleeves are too bulky for concealment. Others are made of material such as jute that does not provide a truly realistic training scenario, which can reduce canine effectiveness on target due to hesitation. Other silicone products require the trainer to attach additional appendages to a sleeve, which limits training scenarios, eliminating realistic concealment, and may confuse a canine. The RBS provides the canine an authentic human skin texture when biting the actual forearm region, while reducing the circumference of the target. This allows for a full-mouth bite - the bite that a trainer expects from their canine.

The K2-FirstSpear Realistic Bite Sleeve System is comprised of an outer silicone “skin” paired with an inner leather based sleeve. The skin is a proprietary prosthetic-grade silicone product that looks and feels like human flesh. It has an internal mesh support system for resilience. The inner sleeve is a low-profile bite platform constructed from two layers of 4 oz split cowhide to allow for a full mouth bite. Two adjustable straps allow a custom fit for any trainer. The RBS is the ultimate finishing product for canine aggression training designed to ensure your canine is conditioned for real bites in the field. Incldues one inner sleeve and one outer silicone sleeve.

Kevlar inner sleeve available based on training requirements, call for pricing.

Patent Pending

Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $319.90

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