Improved IFAK Med Thong

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  • 6/9™ attachment style
  • Fits a variety of IFAKS
  • 6/12™ slits in key areas
  • Works well with the SOF Med Pouch
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Product Overview

The Improved IFAK Med Thong has some new features that will help you on the field. It has a 6/9 attachment style and 6/12 slits have been added in key areas of this item which has increased its versatility so it will now work with the FS TQ Pocket or the new Rapid Access Pocket Pressure Dressing. The thong is also capable of fitting a variety of IFAKS. When space on your chest rig or plate carrier is at a premium, this component will let you add a few extra critical items that you would rather not have in your pack or left behind. The thong will accommodate a variety of IFAK sizes from 5"x7"x3" to a 5"x9"x3".

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