MIKE Force Pack

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  • Total volume of 2900+ cubic inches
  • Water resistant overstuff skirt
  • Completely removable top flap
  • Two sleeves for drinking bladders inside
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Product Overview

Taking its name from the famous MIKE Force utilized by MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War, FirstSpear introduces the MIKE Force Pack (MFP) System. The MFP includes a Rucksack (Frame, Suspension, and Pack included) with a cumulative volume of 2900+ Cubic Inches. Utilizing advanced construction and fabric technology as well as innovative approaches in rapid drainage, this design keeps close to its tropical combat roots while taking advantage of modern material advances. Optimized for loads in the 60-Pound range, certain features in this system will ensure that excessive loads can be managed. The MIKE Force frame is one size fits most and manufactured from an advanced thermal molded composition. There is also ample adjustment to in the frame to raise and lower the pack based on user preference.

The design intent of the MFP is to minimize conflict with your heavy load, aid in ventilation, and facilitate getting in and out of different body positions required for Jungle Warfare. The MFP features two external pockets to aid in organization and provide access to smaller immediately needed items. An overstuff skirt is manufactured of lightweight, compressible material that is highly water resistant. The top flap of the pack is completely removable and features a strap letting you use it as a Bolt Bag. An internal radio pocket can securely hold the AN/PRC-117G or heavier items that are desired to be transported high and close to the back. Two sleeves on the inner side walls of the pack will each hold a 3-liter drinking bladder and are aligned with pass-through ports that allow the drinking hose to be accessed without having to open the pack. These same ports can be used for communication wires or antennas.

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