Primus Pilus T-Shirt

Military and/or LEO customers only

  • Super soft 60% cotton 40% polyester material
  • Tagless
  • Side seamed
  • Excsuviely designed and screen printed in the USA for FS pro account holders
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Product Overview

Primus Pilus is the translated namesake of “FirstSpear”. The Primus Pilus was the Senior Centurion of a Roman Legion. To be a centurion required that, in a mostly illiterate society, one be able to read and write clearly, to be able to convey and create orders, to be capable of not only performing every skill of a Roman solider but to teach every skill of a Roman solider. Being a Centurion required intense physical ability, courage beyond the norm, years of sacrifice and a total devotion to the philosophy which was Rome. (John Ringo)

At FirstSpear we dedicate our efforts to present-day Centurions, those willing to sacrifice to preserve our heritage and secure our future. It is an honor and a privilege to support those who serve at the tip of the spear! Stay tuned for more exclusive items from the Primus Pilus line on the pro account email subscriber list. 

Ringo, John. The Last Centurion. New York; Baen, 2008.

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