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FirstSpear Expanding Product Development Work

FirstSpear Growing Workforce Capacity and Expanding Product Development Work

St. Louis, MO, April 25, 2012 – Today, FirstSpear, a warfighter tactical equipment designer and manufacturer, announced the completed development of several load carriage and armor carriage products, positiong the company for increased growth and expanded work capacity in the next year. 

FirstSpear has grown from 40 initial employees to over 100 since the company was founded just two years ago.  They have hired 20 people since the beginning of this year and are actively growing their workforce with the goal of securing 25 new employees by year’s end.  The positions range from manufacturing and design work to customer service representatives.  The company hopes to draw on the talented workforce in the greater- Fenton area and continue investing in the community.

 “We have considerable talent and a long, proud history of textile manufacturing in Fenton. While many companies are focused on reductions and cutting costs, we are investing in our valued workforce, new technologies and products that position FirstSpear for continued growth despite a challenging economy,” said FirstSpear founder and CEO, Scott Carver. “FirstSpear supports those who defend this country and we will continue on this path of innovation for years to come.”  

The new products represent breakthrough technologies in the load carriage and armor carriage space because of their tremendous flexibility of use and extreme lightweight properties.  These products will begin shipping in May and the company is backlogged with initial orders from the DoD user community. 

The company has a core focus of working with the Special Forces community to meet specialized needs and quick turnaround times.  Significant to FirstSpear’s business model, the Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced a heavier reliance on the Special Operations Force in upcoming years.  This service is the only branch that is slated for growth in this year’s Pentagon budget.

FirstSpear’s commitment to delivering solutions based on the user’s needs is demonstrated by the careful selection of materials and a deep understanding of the unique mission needs of American warfighters. Each technology is the result of over 30 years of product development experience by the FirstSpear Design Team and represents the next generation in mission-ready gear.

About FirstSpear, LLC

FirstSpear, LLC is dedicated to rapidly delivering innovative individual equipment systems to professional users. FirstSpear designs are produced with direct input from the end user and by developers who take into account specific mission needs, resulting in innovative, capability-driven products. The FirstSpear production facility is located in Fenton, MO.

For more information visit: www.first-spear.com.