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Tubes Fasteners®

Quick to close and even quicker to doff, Tubes fasteners are manufactured from lightweight high-performance polymers that exceed the strength of other molded fasteners currently used on Operational equipment


Provides extreme weight reduction, occupies the lowest possible space on a platform and retains shape for manipulation of content. LaserFrame hemless construction allows weight reduction and extreme durability.


The 6/9™ Modular Pocket Technology is backwards compatible with legacy MOLLE/PALS style load carriage or armor carrier platforms but also offers significant weight reductions. Due to the flexible nature of the attachment straps and tighter tolerances, 6/9™ pockets actually mount closer to the body and conform tighter to the platform.


The MultiMag Rapid-Adjust capability has revolutionized the load carriage world. The Boa® Fit System allows for precise micro-adjustability of a pocket to fit any size magazine you may need.

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