About FirstSpear

In 2010, FirstSpear® emerged from a bloodline of industry innovation; founded by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen. Based outside of St. Louis, Missouri, FirstSpear specalizes in building high-quality American made Berry compliant gear for the Special Operations community, Tier 1 Military and Law Enforcement teams.


FirstSpear employs a methodology that integrates evolutionary design with advanced material components, yielding improved performance and operational efficiency while delivering an invaluable reduction in weight on many platforms.

Design Philosophy

The tactical equipment put forth by FirstSpear is designed to function interactively as a fighting system. By utilizing the equipment as a system, an overall weight reduction, weight transfer, and operational scalability is achieved that is far superior to systems that fail to consider the challenges that the user must face in an operational environment.


What is integrated into the FirstSpear line is reflective of constant dialogue with Users that are on the very tip of the spear. This includes, but is not limited to, elite organizations within the U.S. Inventory as well as those of other friendly foreign nations that also feel evil is worthy of punishment. FirstSpear achieves this relationship by putting complete focus on the User’s needs and their overarching requirements.