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  • Assaulter's Gun Belt (AGB) Assaulter's Gun Belt (AGB)

    Assaulter's Gun Belt (AGB)

    $89.11 - $111.11

    The Assaulter's Gun Belt (AGB) is a versatile belt designed to handle tough situations. Accessed through a two-point, high strength metallic buckle, the AGB will facilitate combat-equipped buddy drags. It can integrate with the AGB Padded Sleeve to...

  • Modular Assaulter's Gun Belt Modular Assaulter's Gun Belt

    Modular Assaulter's Gun Belt

    $126.63 - $136.63

    Upgrade to the classic Assaulter's Gun Belt, this belt was developed to be as close to an overt tactical load carriage belt as we could make it without compromising strength. Smaller pockets work best: pistol mags, folding knifes or flashlights with a...

  • Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile

    Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile

    $116.63 - $150.63

    As slim trimmed, more minimalist version of the popular Assaulters Gun Belt Padded Sleeve, the Low Profile sleeve provides a 6/12 field on a belt. This allows users the option to attach items directly on the belt or the 6/12 field. Which is compatible...

  • Base Belt Base Belt

    Base Belt

    $33.71 - $38.71

    The FirstSpear Base Belt is a low volume belt intended for everyday use on trousers. It has a high nap pile exterior and a pliable webbing base. The Base Belt can be used with the Tac Belt and/or the 6/12™ AGB Sleeve. Both securely attach to the Base...

  • Base Belt Lite Base Belt Lite

    Base Belt Lite


    The FirstSpear Base Belt Lite can be used in many situations. Utilizing the 6/12™ base fabric this belt is extremely light and suited for every day carry. The face of the belt utilizes low profile nap pile and will mate up all the way around the waist...

  • Tac Belt Tac Belt

    Tac Belt

    $99.97 - $104.97

    The FirstSpear Tac Belt is a durable tactical belt with a sturdy metal buckle. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Base Belt and/or the AGB 6/12™ Sleeve. The Tac belt is less stiff than the Assaulter’s Gun Belt and has...

  • Line One Belt - BioThane Line One Belt - BioThane

    Line One Belt - BioThane


    The line one belt is our most popular everyday belt! Borrowing its name from an old NSW term for the first level of clothing or gear, the Line One Belt has amazing tactical performance that maintains the high level of comfort and mobility usually...

  • vertical entry belt; harness vertical entry belt; harness

    Vertical Entry Belt


    The Vertical Entry Belt is engineered to incorporate specialized retention functions in conjunction with the elements needed to be high Tactically Capable Battle Belt. This Belt System features a removable 6/12 Modular Over-flap that can accept the full...

  • Multi Point Lanyard Multi Point Lanyard

    Multi Point Lanyard

    Military and/or LEO customers only

    Listening closely to the demands of personnel at the tip of the Spear FirstSpear has taken the tether concept and escalated its capability to match the demands of the constantly changing battle-space. Providing an enhanced load bearing material that is...

  • AGB Point Pad AGB Point Pad

    AGB Point Pad

    $19.84 - $24.84

    Sometimes getting a bit more than "Just the Tip" can be a lot more comfortable. The AGB Point Pad allows you to place additional padding where you want it. Using comfort ventilated foam, wicking mesh and multiple points of security the AGB Point Pad will...

  • Lanyard V-Ring Lanyard V-Ring

    Lanyard V-Ring

    $24.09 - $25.09

    The Lanyard Ring is a great way to add a secure attachment point to a FirstSpear belt. It has been designed to integrate with the Tac Belt or the Assaulter’s Gun Belt. The Tac Belt offers multiple attachment points for the Metal V-Ring. Overall...