Vertical Entry Harness

Military and/or LEO customers only

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  • Integrates with Vertical Entry Belt
  • Cobra Buckles for leg loops
  • Donned in seconds
  • Reinforced and stiffened tie in point
  • Kernmantle leader and pile tab sleeves
  • Independently tested to meet Modified NFPA 1983-2012*
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Product Overview

Designed to work interactively with the Vertical Entry Belt this harness is not a recreational climbers harness with a holster zip-tied to it! The FS Vertical Entry Harness (FS-VEH) has features specific for Assault Climbers working in Urban Combat, the leg loops close with rated Cobra Buckles so that they can be stashed into the integrated front compression pocket when high mobility is required but can be donned in seconds without removing the harness when things get high angle. Wide webbing on the underside of the leg loops aids in comfort when you are hanging in the harness and “waiting for the word”. Reinforced and stiffened tie in point with a kernmantle leader are all standard. Exposed Pile exterior along with 4 supplied Interface Sleeves give perfect conformance of the Vertical Entry Belt to the exterior of the Harness allowing quick, easy mission tailoring and facilitate seamless integration of Vertical Fight Capability.

The VEH Interface Sleeves Slides onto the waist section of the VEH providing solid interface and attachment to the Hook Portion on the body side of the Vertical Entry Belt. This interface prevents sagging of the VEH when it is being used as sub-load carriage, particularly during Vertical and Confined Space Assault. The FS VEH, Vertical Entry Belt and Multi Point Lanyard have been tested together to function to the standards mandated for Modified NFPA 1983-2012 as called for by US SOCOM. Being a quantifiable standard that can be tested too, based around realistic loads used by Special Operations Assaulters FS feels this is far superior to taking recreational climbing harnesses modified outside of their design parameters to carry mission essential load outs.

*Independently tested to meet Modified NFPA 1983-2012 as used by US SOCOM both with and without the Vertical Entry Belt.

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