Tac Belt

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  • Durable tactical belt
  • Metal buckle
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • Strip of hook fabric
  • Compatible with AGB Sleeve, Base Belt, Base Belt Lite, and Lanyard V-Ring
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Product Overview

The FirstSpear Tac Belt is a durable tactical belt with a sturdy metal buckle. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Base Belt and/or the AGB 6/12 Sleeve. The Tac belt is less stiff than the Assaulter’s Gun Belt and has additional security loops. There is also a cover over a strip of hook faced material that when exposed can mate up to the Base Belt or AGB Sleeve to eliminate shift and sag. Additional points on the Tac Belt accommodate the integration of the Lanyard V-Ring which can be worn with all three components (Base, Tac, & Sleeve).

Small - 28-32”

Medium - 32-36”

Large - 36-40”

XL - 40-44”