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  • Skull Clause PVC Patch Skull Clause PVC Patch

    Skull Clause PVC Patch


    The FirstSpear Skull Clause Patch is a small yet standout accessory for outdoor gear enthusiasts, military personnel, or anyone who wants to add a unique touch to their items. Measuring approximately 2.5" by 2.75", this compact patch can easily be...

  • Fleece Pullover Fleece Pullover


    Fleece Pullover


    Key Features: American-made quality ensures durability and longevity Tiger stripe ambush material adds a unique and stylish touch Ranger green fleece provides warmth and comfort Henley-style design with buttons for added sophistication Versatile for...

  • Fight Panel with X-Strap Fight Panel with X-Strap

    Fight Panel with X-Strap


    Born from a direct request by Tier 1 operators, the Fight Panel is a placard, panel and micro style chest rig, combined. Used in conjunction with the X-Strap (sold separately), this chest rig maximizes 6/12 laser cut technology for weaving pockets and...

  • FirstSpear Hooded Field Shirt - ACM Base 150, Commando green on white background, facing forward. FirstSpear Hooded Field Shirt - ACM Base 150, close image of grey hood.

    Hooded Field Shirt v2 - ACM™ Base 150


    When it comes to gear, only the best will do. That’s why the classic updated take on the FS Hooded Field Shirt is the perfect choice. This generous cut shirt is made right here in the USA from American wool, ensuring long-lasting comfort that can...

  • Wind Cheater - Tiger Stripe Wind Cheater - Tiger Stripe


    Wind Cheater - Tiger Stripe


    A new take on a classic OG FirstSpear Wind Cheater. This American-made, Tiger Stripe Wind Cheater is the ultimate go-to jacket for anyone who is on the move. This jacket is designed with durable wind-resistant material that can withstand even the...

  • Field Flannel Field Flannel

    Field Flannel

    $90.00 - $96.00

    The Field Flannel is an update to our popular Stratton Flannel design. The Field Flannel is not as oversized as our popular Stratton flannel, accounting for 3% shrinkage we recommend getting the true to your size T shirt for a proper fit. The Field...

  • Stratton Flannel - 9oz Stratton Flannel - 9oz

    Stratton Flannel - 9oz


    The Stratton Flannel is made from 100% cotton and comes in a heavier 9oz weight. The front features two oversized chest pockets with button closure to secure items such as your phone. Throughout this stunning shirt, you will find smooth metal buttons...

  • Beanie — ACM 150 Beanie — ACM 150

    Beanie — ACM 150


    The Beanie - ACM 150 is the latest advancement in our lineage of wool beanies. Made from the same revolutionary 150 wool blend as the Hooded Field Shirts v2. This Beanie provides the same stretch, durability and quality American stitching as the Neck...

  • Neck Gaiter — ACM 150 Neck Gaiter — ACM 150

    Neck Gaiter — ACM 150


    Cut from the latest addition to the ACM family of materials and design, the Neck Gaiter - ACM 150 is the next evolution in FirstSpear layering systems. Years of feedback amongst clandestine units, across continents and bushwhacks abroad, provided our...

  • Tropic Skull Trucker Hat Tropic Skull Trucker Hat

    Tropic Skull Trucker Hat


    Introducing the Tropic Skull Hat – the apex predator of headgear, designed for warriors, defenders, and those who thrive on the frontline of rowdy. This ain't your grandpa's trucker hat; this is a masterpiece, crafted for the true operators. At the...

  • FirstSpear Black Heritage Hat turned camera left FirstSpear Black Heritage Hat - facing camera

    Heritage Hat


    The FirstSpear Heritage Hat is more than just a hat - it's a testament to our commitment to quality and style. The Heritage Hat features the FirstSpear logo on the patch along with a proud declaration of our roots in St. Louis, MO. The adjustable...

  • FirstSpear Flexfit hat with grey logo FirstSpear Flexfit hat with grey logo side profile

    Flexfit Hat


    The FirstSpear Flexfit Hat is a standout piece that marries form and function in a stylish package. Featuring a mesh-backed trucker design, this hat ensures breathability and comfort for the wearer while maintaining a stylish edge. Its standout...