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  • Rigid Cummerbund Rigid Cummerbund

    Rigid Cummerbund

    $139.98 - $151.98

    Designed to work with FirstSpear Instant Access Back Panel. The Rigid Cummerbund utilizes 2” Tubes for fast donning and doffing. On the exterior of the cummerbund, a field of 6/12 allows for easy pocket attachment. On the interior of the cummerbund is a...

  • Adaptive Cummerbund Adaptive Cummerbund

    Adaptive Cummerbund

    $203.85 - $215.85

    Mission effectiveness is all about flexibility, the objective, environment and what you need to carry is often times changing. The Adaptive Cummerbund provides the flexibility to change with it. It allows you to quickly swap between land and maritime...

  • Overlap Cummerbund Overlap Cummerbund

    Overlap Cummerbund

    $183.00 - $207.00

    Responding to a specific request from a FirstSpear professional user at the tip of the spear, the Overlap Cummerbund has been designed and engineered to provide additional overlapping soft armor at the front side of the plate carrier where the Tubes...

  • 2" Bellyband 2" Bellyband

    2" Bellyband

    $29.60 - $33.60

    The 2” Bellyband Strap comes with FS Tubes allowing you to run a carrier without a full-sized cummerbund. The sleek design allows you to connect your front and back panel while keeping as streamlined as possible. With tubes on both ends, you can...

  • Retro-Fit Cummerbund Retro-Fit Cummerbund


    Retro-Fit Cummerbund

    $237.86 - $256.86

    The Retro-Fit Cummerbund takes advantage of FirstSpear’s revolutionary 6/12 & Tubes Technology without changing your entire load carriage platform. This kit is compatible with carriers which utilize traditional hook and loop flap systems and cummerbund...

  • Modular Fight Strap Modular Fight Strap

    Modular Fight Strap

    $49.62 - $57.62

    Developed in close cooperation with FirstSpear user professionals, the Modular Fight Strap makes for the ultimate easy to store quick load carriage platform. It can be quickly tossed or slung over one arm or worn as a simplified chest rig. Either side...

  • Fight Strap Fight Strap

    Fight Strap

    $101.02 - $107.02

    The Fight Strap is a rapidly accessible and quickly deployed magazine bandoleer that can be used for resupply or direct action. Lightweight, low profile, and easy to put on. The Fight Strap holds 5 magazines of several different weapon types. A looped...

  • Dee Luxe AGB Suspenders Dee Luxe AGB Suspenders

    Dee Luxe AGB Suspenders

    $69.48 - $74.48

    Continuing on with the evolution and innovation of the Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB) line of accessories, these new suspenders will increase your support and comfort giving you an option to exclude body armor for tasks when you do not want it. The design and...

  • Das Ding™ Das Ding™

    Das Ding™

    $129.03 - $169.03

    Engineered for discreet carry or transportation of survival, evasion, recovery, and escape gear, the Das Ding gives you the ability to transport a sidearm, spare mags, etc. when you remove your primary tactical load carriage.  The stretch nature of...

  • Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile

    Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Low Profile

    $116.63 - $150.63

    As slim trimmed, more minimalist version of the popular Assaulters Gun Belt Padded Sleeve, the Low Profile sleeve provides a 6/12 field on a belt. This allows users the option to attach items directly on the belt or the 6/12 field. Which is compatible...