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  • Operator Inner Glove (OIG) Operator Inner Glove (OIG)

    Operator Inner Glove (OIG)


    When maximum manipulation and tactility are required while protecting your digits consider the Operator Inner Glove (OIG) first! Comprised of the most technologically advanced materials and modern construction details no corner is cut in this design. The...

  • Operator Contact Glove (OCG) Operator Contact Glove (OCG)

    Operator Contact Glove (OCG)


    The Operator Contact Glove (OCG) is a mid-weight contact glove designed for professional users operating in a wide variety of climates and conditions. The OCG will provide warmth in conditions down to 40ºF and protection from thermal transfer in...

  • Strandhögg™ T-Shirt Strandhögg™ T-Shirt

    Strandhögg™ T-Shirt

    $15.00 - $19.08

    The Strandhögg Shirt features a bold FirstSpear Skull logo celebrating Norse Vikings. The term Strandhögg was used in the Old Norse to describe the battle tactic of using covert infiltrators in advance of a raid. On the front of the shirt is a...