Military and/or LEO customers only

Country of Origin:
  • ANU certified
  • Emergency flotation up to 73 Lbs
  • Orally inflated buoyancy compensators
  • Hydrophobic Trelleborg 6/12™ platform
  • Tubes® Rapid-Release Technology
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Product Overview

The Aegir-38 was designed to incorporate BCs (buoyancy compensators) as well as emergency flotation located in the cummerbund which provides:

• 45lbs (20kg/ 200n) positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33’(10m)

• 57lbs (25kg/253n) of positive flotation at a depth of 15’(4.5m)

• 73lbs(33kg/324n) of flotation at the surface

Buoyancy Compensators (BC’s) can be installed in a mesh pocket behind the plate pockets. BC’s offer a minimum of 10LBS of lift per set in size M-XL Swimmer Cut vests. BC’s are user configured for either left or right-hand operators. When inflated they can provide airflow channels to cool the operator as well as some weight distribution. During independent testing in support of NAVSEA, the BC’s reduced back face deformation significantly when inflated.

ANU Approved Maritime Plate Carrier: # 1.1.17

Govt / LE Use Only

Ballistic Armor Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear for an additional fee. Please contact us for armor options and pricing.

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