Military and/or LEO customers only

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  • Versatile maritime system
  • Sealed flotation foam inserts
  • Tubes® technology
  • 6/12™ platform
  • Pairs with ballistic plates
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Product Overview

Designed and developed for the world’s finest amphibious light infantry forces, the Bullfrog is an integrated maritime system that employs buoyancy augmentation, ballistic survival, and tactical modularity all in one platform. Making use of environmentally sealed flotation foam inserts that are modular and mission adaptable, the Bullfrog is slightly buoyant all on its own. The Bullfrog also includes FirstSpear Buoyancy Compensators which offer 10lbs of lift per set (size M-XL). The BCs are user configurable for either left or right-handed operators.  This design is adaptable to the belt-mounted TFSS Flotation System or Flotation Cummerbund. For the best possible performance, the Bullfrog should be paired with either the FirstSpear Neutrally Buoyant Ballistic Plate (FS-NBBP) or the FirstSpear Patrol Plate.

Ballistic Armor Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear for an additional fee. Please contact us for armor options and pricing.