• Retro-Fit Cummerbund Retro-Fit Cummerbund


    Retro-Fit Cummerbund

    $249.86 - $256.86

    The Retro-Fit Cummerbund takes advantage of FirstSpear’s revolutionary 6/12 & Tubes Technology without changing your entire load carriage platform. This kit is compatible with carriers which utilize...

  • A man, wearing a merino wool jacket and body armor, standing outside with his hands tucked inside of a hand-warmer. A ranger green hand-warmer with attached coyote brown stow bag and attached waist strap.


    Tactical Hand-Warmer w/ Navy Fleece


    The Tactical Hand-Warmer w/ Navy Fleece is the perfect addition to your kit during cold weather operations. The navy fleece-lined interior is soft and retains heat incredibly well. It can be attached...

  • Ranger green backpack on white man in woods, Multicam backpack


    Exigent Circumstance Pack (ECP)™


    As a true assault pack, the Exigent Circumstance Pack can be carried like a backpack or as a single strap bag which keeps your shoulder pocket clear for the stock of your weapon. The exterior flap...

  • Modular Chest Rig 6/12™ Modular Chest Rig 6/12™


    Modular Chest Rig 6/12™


    This is a fully modular chest rig for transporting magazines, radios, and other equipment. It fits over other armor carrier platforms or can be worn stand-alone. Utilizing the weight reduction and...