Glock SSV™ In-the-Belt Holster

$102.19 - $118.28
Country of Origin:
  • Versatile
  • Low Profile
  • Lanyard Attachment for added stability
  • Easy to use molded J Hook
  • Only compatible with the offered configurations, not available for other models/configurations
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Product Overview

Continuing development of the SSV Holster Line, FirstSpear has been hard at work to bring you a deeper concealment holster with the versatility that EDC requires. This holster will work with a SureFire XC-1 light, or without a light at all. However, a light bearing holster will not securely hold a gun without a light and does not include a retention screw. It fits inside your belt to help keep you as streamlined as possible. An easy to use molded J Hook lets you attach and remove the holster without undoing your Line 1 Belt, and a backup lanyard can be installed in case the J Hook becomes disengaged from your belt (removable if not desired). Lastly, the holster body provides a complete wrap at the muzzle to facilitate protection of key body parts from a hot muzzle during repetitive training drills.

Available in AOR1 and AOR2 for Authorized Users.

Not compatible with Red Dots or extended sights.

Fits belts up to 1.75 inches.

All Sales Final.

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