Lightweight Vest (LWV) - ACM™ Mid 400

Country of Origin:
  • Internal and external chest pockets
  • ACM Mid 400 
  • Wicks away moisture from the body
  • Traps warmth even when wet
  • 1/4 zip
  • American Merino Wool
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Product Overview

The FirstSpear Lightweight Vest is a great addition to the ACM line. It is low bulk, high warmth garment using FirstSpear's ACM 400 dual-layer material. Additional features include the quarter-zip closure in the front. Along with the external and hidden internal chest pockets which are lined with super lightweight cooling mesh. In the back, there is a hem scoop into a tailcoat style to cover your waistband when active or bending over.

What makes this merino package so unique is that it is a dual-layer material, not a blend. Using a super-fine polyester on the interior and merino wool layer on the exterior, this material combo does some very incredible things. When the user sweats or gets wet the poly layer will quickly wick away moisture from the body and transfer it to the absorbent wool layer. Once the moisture permeates into the wool layer it allows the poly to dry very quickly which helps avoid the typical stink you find with other synthetic layers, additionally wool is naturally antimicrobial which makes it incredibly difficult for the garment to produce bacteria that causes odors in all synthetic base layers. Furthermore, once the moisture is absorbed into the wool layer it will keep the user insulated and warm even when wet.

Made in the USA!

Care instructions for FirstSpear American Wool can be found here.

Sizing Small Medium Large XL 2XL
Neck 19" 19½" 20" 20½" 21"
Chest 41½" 43½" 45½" 47½" 50½"
Waist 37½" 39½" 41½" 43½" 46½"