Reusable Face Mask

Mask Bundle
  • 100% Berry Compliant
  • Can be laundered for reuse
  • One Size fits all
  • Reinforced closure for long term security
  • Construction will vary between Nylon Cotton or Polyester Cotton blends based upon material availability
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Product Overview

The FirstSpear Drawbridge makes a great addition to the Reusable Mask and can be purchased individually. It is an incredibly simple design that allows for a wide range of adjustments and wear options for different face mask styles. Constructed from a single piece of laser fused hypalon one side is rubberized and has incredible grip on the back of head and the other side is a low profile soft loop. Comes with two barrel locks to secure a 4 point style mask.

Face mask orders are being filled as quickly as possible, FirstSpear prioritizes government agency, law enforcement agencies, and hospital / EMS orders first. Production is on going and individual orders will be filled in the order they are received. 

Non-Stocking Non-Standard items have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of professional users to meet a unique mission set. Limited quantities and colors available.

All sales are final.

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