Tactical Flotation Support System™ (TFSS)

Military and/or LEO customers only

Country of Origin:
  • Belt mounted
  • Easily deployed
  • C02 inflated
  • Sold as a pair 
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Product Overview

The Tactical Flotation Support System (TFSS) is a belt mounted inflatable flotation device specifically designed for warfighters, combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel. It has been designed and tested for use during egress from a submerged structure of any type. Fitting seamlessly on to the Assaulters Gun Belt and easy to deploy. The TFSS has discernible features that separate left from right and are packed with CO2. The TFSS in this configuration is NSN’d by the US Navy and has a US Army Development Test Command (DTC) Safety Confirmation that covers both Static Line and Military Free Fall (MFF) operations.

The TFSS was designed to provide the following positive floatation in saltwater: 

  • 45 lbs at a depth of 33' 
  • 57 lbs at a depth of 15'
  • 80 lbs on the surface 

Sold as a pair (one left & one right)

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