Tubes® Fastener, 4" Male, Split Bar

  • Don/Doff in Seconds
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Self-cleaning ports
  • Meet All U.S. Military Specifications for Infrared Signature Reduction
  • Reduced Weight
  • Slight Curvature of the Tubes® Buckle provides secondary retention
  • Made of Lubricant-based acetal
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Product Overview

Tubes Quick Release technology allows end users to don and doff in seconds. Single handed operation with a two-motion quick release allows you to engage lift gate with 3 to 4 pounds of force and slide in either direction to release the buckle. Ditch your cable, faster re-assembly and repeatable fit every time. Tubes Fasteners eliminate the need for additional layers of fabric and hook and loop effectively reducing weight. Tubes Fasteners meet all the U.S. military specifications for infrared signature reduction between 600 to 800 nanometers.
Note, if purchasing to retrofit or modify a Ranger Green or Multicam carrier, it is recommended to purchase in Tan 499. FS recommends Foilage Green 504 on a Manatee carrier.
Quantity limited to 10 per order.
Check out 4-inch Female Tubes Fasteners to purchase one to complete an entire set: found here. Note, 2-inch Female Tubes Fasteners are compatible to work on 4-inch Male Tubes Fasteners.
To purchase large quantity of Tubes Fasteners or to become a dealer/distributor, contact 

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