AAC v2

AAC v2 bundle
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  • Instant Adjust Back Panel
  • Padded 6/12 side wings
  • Low profile
  • 6/12️ laser cut platform
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Product Overview

Purpose built for Direct Action user roles, the Assaulter Armor Carrier (AAC) v2 utilizes the latest in FirstSpear Technology to keep weight to an absolute minimum while maintaining true mission flexibility. The AAC is the lightest plate carrier and has the lowest profile. It has minimal padding on the shoulder straps which helps keep you streamlined. It is cut to fit either “Swimmer” or ESAPI/SPEAR cut ballistic plates, backed with an unpadded water-resistant nylon mesh. Designed to quickly shed water and aid in the transition from over the beach to over the hills.


The newest version adds padded 6/12 wings to the front of the carrier for comfort and attaching a variety of pockets such as radio and magazines. The upgraded Instant Adjust Back Panel allows the user to have cummerbund Tubes on the front and back to easily switch from adaptive land cummerbunds to maritime cummerbunds. For a lower profile non ballistic cummerbund the 2" Belly Band can be used.


This carrier can be configured with BC inserts, soft armor ballistic inserts, and hard armor ballistic inserts.

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