Strandhögg™ v3 SAPI Cut Plate Carrier

Strandhogg v3 SAPI Bundle
Country of Origin:
  • 6/12️ laser cut platform
  • Tubes Rapid-Release Technology
  • Internal zipper admin pocket
  • Top loop placard front and back
  • Bottom loop placard front only
  • Instant Access Back Panel
  • Comfort padding
  • Built-in ventilation channel
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Product Overview

The Strandhögg v3 Plate Carrier maximizes 6/12 technology and rapid closure systems provided by the FirstSpear Tubes fasteners for easy donning and doffing. The redesigned front panel has an internal zippered admin pocket along with a 4"x9" loop field for identifiers. Along the bottom of the front panel is a second loop field which has been added to facilitate use with the all new FirstSpear Admin Placard and Magazine Pocket Placard.


The newly designed Instant Access Back Panel allows for easier access to adjust your cummerbund. Both the front and back of the carrier features interior facing channels for foam to add comfort and ventilation. These foam inserts can be removed for a more streamlined carrier. The front and back have the ability to hold both soft armor and plates that are the same size and cut of the carrier.