SSV™ Rifle + Pistol Mag Combo

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  • Belt Mounted
  • Securely holds magazines
  • Molded pocket
  • Different combinations available
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Product Overview

Adding to the SSV Line the SSV Rifle + Pistol Magazine Combo work in a similar fashion to other SSV Magazine Pockets. However, they are arranged in combinations for individuals who have to carry a primary and alternate weapon. Arranged in many popular combinations some hold Single Pistol & Single Carbine combinations while others hold Double SMG and Single Pistol Combinations. To attach the molded magazine simply thread your belt through the belt loops on the back of the magazine. All standard finishes in the SSV product line are available for these pockets.

There is a 5-6 week lead time for SSV holsters and mag pockets.

Fits belts up to 1.75 inches.

All Sales Final.

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