AAC Instant Adjust Back Panel

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  • Rapidly adjust cummerbund size
  • Quickly swap from land to maritime cummerbund
  • Full 6/12™ fabric back
  • Four 4" Tubes™ included
  • Requires Adaptive Cummerbund or Belly Band
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Product Overview

It was once said that “Battle is a highly fluid situation, flexibility is the key to being able to respond appropriately…” taking that to heart, FirstSpear is continuing to evolve their successful line of plate carriers by introducing the Instant Adjust Back Panel. Currently available in all FS standard plate cuts and sizes including the popular MBAV. The Instant Adjust Back Panel integrates seamlessly with the FirstSpear Adaptable Cummerbund along with any existing FS front panel utilizing our revolutionary Tubes Technology to form a highly flexible and adaptable fighting platform. The easy access flap allows access to two points of adjustment located on the back panel allowing for a pre-arranged second set of Tubes. When it is required to adjust your cummerbund size to accommodate the transition from Dry Suits, CBRNE Suits, or Extreme Cold Weather Clothing, simply attach the cummerbund to the second set of tubes for instantaneous size changing. The panel also allows you to quickly swap from a land-based cummerbund to an integrated maritime flotation cummerbund or the Adaptive 2" Belly Band. It is designed to work with AAC plate carriers, but will still integrate with other FirstSpear systems that use Tubes on the Front Panel.

This item requires a FirstSpear Adaptive Cummerbund or Belly Band (Tubes on the Front and Back)

Ballistic Armor Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear for an additional fee. Please contact us for armor options and pricing.

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