Tubes X-Strap

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  • Integrates with Plate Carriers front
  • Tubes® technology
  • One size fits all
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Product Overview

Some mission sets call for unique approaches to load carriage. Some of our Users at the Tip of the Spear need compatibility with a Free Fall Harness, others are spending a lot of time in an Armored Seat and still others are carrying a back plate in a Pack that they cannot take off or risk mission compromise. Designed to work with either the FS AAC family of plate carriers or Strandhogg this harness quickly Tubes into place and allows you to work with the front of your plate carrier in place without a back panel or cummerbund. The X-Strap system has enough adjustment to go on over the top of a Soft Armor Carrier or Cold Weather Clothing. A small amount of stretch is provided on each side and the Back Panel provides for attachment of FS Cell Tags. This Harness in conjunction with a Front Panel is optimized for use with the FS AR, NBBP or UC Plates, hard armor that is heavier than those designs may not carry well.